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Dhi Mhaka Mog Give me love

Dhi Mhaka Mog

The echoes of P.B Shelly in this song, the great English poet "See the mountains kiss high heaven, waves caress the shore.." . Natures wondrous promptings for the continuum of life, in the vastness of the inanimate universe, there is this mystery called LIFE, on a pale blue dot, our Earth.And Nature's sublime wish for it to continue in perpetuity, through a couple, male and female.That’s the way its been and no other way, although dark forces clamor in their depravity to annihilate it, while Nature weeps.

Goa's star Vocalist:: Mark Revlon Credit to: Patrick J Lobo, Lyrics Bianca A Rebello

& Patrick J Lobo actors Joynixa Silveira, Mylen D'Souza


Xitol varem tiea somdirachem Hanstem tondd chondrimachem

Fresh breezes from the sea, the smiling face of the moon

Ghos-ghosit avaz tea lharancho Ontrollar zagor sobit kupancho.

Melodious Gush of the overlapping waves, bevy of clouds in the sky

Zog-zogtat tim noketram kupannim

The twinkle of the stars in the clouds

Varem avaz korta tea maddanim Suknnim gaitat svadik talleamnim

The whistle of the wind as it crackles the palm trees, the birds sing in pristine voices

Savlli nachta tea zhaddamnim

The shadows dance of the waving trees

Chorus :

Ghal tuzo hat mhojea hatan Vhor mhojem kalliz tujea kallzant

clasp your hands in mine, place my heart next to yours

Ghal tuje vontt mhojea ontant Dhi mhaka mog gheun gopant

Put your lips on my lips, bask me in love in your arms

Mhoji nodor tujer poddli anjea Somdirachea veller tum vetanam

My sight fell on you, while we passed by on the sea shore

Kalliz murgottlem tuka polletana

My heart fluttered on seeing you

Eka-mekak hanslim passar zatanam

We smiled as we passed each other

Mogachem be kallzan riglem Polleun sundor rupnnem tujem

love seed planted in my heart Heart, when I watched your image

Omrut hanso, kens varear nacho Kirnnam tujim mhojer fanko

Heavenly laughter and tresses that danced in the breeze, the rays that emblazoned me


. Chondrim zaundi mogachi divli Noketram zaundi govai amchi

Let the moon be our love lamp, let the stars be our witness.

Ontrollar patieun utor mhaka dhi Kanni suru korea mogachi

With our trust in heaven , give me your word and let our Love story begin….


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21 feb 2023

Keep it up, well wsiher

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