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Cecelia Mhojem nanvu (my name is Cecelia)

Cecelia Mhojem nanvu

This another version of our quintessential

Goan Folk songs, Fast paced Dulpods

credit: Zia Rodrigues

1.Cecelia mhojem nanvu. 2.Fulo Hanv Jardinantulem

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


1.Cecelia mhojem nanvu.

Cecilia is my name.

Chedvam bhitor chedum kurioso hanvu.

Among all (the other) girls I am the smartest.

He:Tum kurioso zaleari

If you are smart enough,

mughe matche judi toihar kori?

Cut my coat to suit (me).

2.Fulo Hanv Jardinantulem

Fulo hanv jardinantulem votan bavolem.

I am a flower from the garden which has wilted in the sun

Noketru hanv fanteavelem kupan dampolem.

I am the morning star which was hidden by the clouds

borem dista Bakra Baban mhunn rabum dovorlem.

Because the landlord liked me so much, he kept me with him

3.Chedva go chedva,

Oh my girl, my girl!

hortant khuxic kitem corthalem thinga.

What were you doing there sitting in the garden.

Maka mog ghe fulancho,

I only love flowers,

Dubau dori naka ankvar cholleacho

Do not doubt me with the bachelor boys.


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