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Alle Belle Goan Pancake Crepe

Alle Belle Goan Pancake Crepe

Alle Belle Goan Pancake, this is my favourite tea snack pancake or crepe. its soft and oozes sweetness and delicious to awaken fully from a lazy afternoon siesta on holidays..

Its not difficult to prepare mash of coconut and jaggery for fillings, just follow her instruction on her vid, another engaging presentation and Credit to Florency Dias.



1 Cup Maida (All-purpose Flour),

Salt to taste

1 Whole Egg

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence

1 Cups Water,

Vanaspati/Ghee for frying

For the filling:

1 Cup fresh, grated Coconut

1/4 Cup Cane Jaggery

1/4 Cup Palm Jaggery


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