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Aik re Khobrakara

aik re khobrakara..

Aik Re khobrakara (listen to me, you rumormonger) still remember as kids, the rumour that spread like wild fire and the hushed tones everywhere in Goa, that Lorna was no more, this was the time, when she was at her height of her fame. Envy has always been our weakness among us Goans, Its hard for us to rejoice at the success of one of our own.

Credit: Gwen Fernandes Gwen and the band

lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


Devache kaide soddanch pallunk ami zaie

God's commands we must follow always

Pelleachi khoim dush mankai kori naie

We must not bear enmity towards our neighbors

Borea ghorachea kednach foddche nhoim noie

A good household we must seek to destroy

Antun gomta tache futtleat mhunn dolle

in this, we come to know that he is filled with envy

Amche moddem eiao vostu choddxeo ghoddta

among us this animosity happens too often

Choddti val choddonk pavona rokdich moddta

you climb not too far, and your path is crushed

Aikon osli khobor kalliz mhojem roddta

hearing this my heart is pained

Goemkar akach lagon sokla poddta

because of this gossip we Goans remain behind

Borea bhaxen aikat ei ghodleli ghoddnim,

listen in good sense this rumor of mine

Konnak mista moji nirdukai chodli,

someone must have been extremely envious

Dukest ghoddnim hi gelea vorsa ghoddli

this malicious incidence happened last hear

Anv melem mhunn sogleak khobor poddli

that I had died the rumor spread everywhere

Chintlear hem dista maka ek umannem

If I think about it, its puzzles me

Anv melem mhunn fokot takach sanglem konnem

that I had died why was he the only person to know

Kiteak osli khobor ghatli zait tannem

why did he spread such vile rumour

Dev bhogsum taka, tho gineanan unnem

Hope God forgives him, as he lacks any brain.


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