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kazar (wedding)

Courtesy: Shelton & Stacie

In Our villages, love did abound once for neighbors and strangers alike and as this endearing couple exchange their vows beneath the Altar, the lovers vows that ascend to heaven on the wings of a dove, love seems to be alive and well, even now.. Then across the church courtyard, you can see our cemetery where our ancestors lie and in the same church courtyard, whence as kids, we shuddered at the hell fire and brimstone sermons from energized priests during the novenas and in the night, the village bathed in moonlight, streams of moonbeams streaking through the palm leaves, the simmering shadows gently swaying on the ground, the lingering smell of burnt candles of night before, still in the air, of our peasants litany around a brick laden white cross, and in the silence of the night, if you listened real close, the whisk of an angel's garb. reminisces of my village.

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