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Chitt (letter) love song

Chitt (letter) love song

the romance of handwritten letters to our loved ones. the familiar words and phrases that melt and linger in our hearts, relishing every moment. now, in the cold and callous world of instant messaging, the handwritten letters are history. credit: Bryan fernandes, snippets of lyrics vid will load in few secs


she : konvallem mama rodllo, ajhe mojhea

govhache chitt aetha dishta

crow is crying, perhaps there is letter for me from my husband He: Mogall mhuji gorkani, tuem kosham asai? my dearest queen, how are you? saud baloike bor asai mhunnon sojmothan. hope you are in the best of health and happiness...... He : kushkeant tujhea amchi khusalkai sang kiteam kortai in your womb, is our happiness tell me what is he doing?

rhaunc zhaena talwar khub ugdass, chiintun tujeam fugar zata. i cannot live without you,on the cruise ship think of you a lot, its hard.. she: khusalaki amchi bori assa, yhea dissant todi mosti kortai our happiness is fine, in these days very playful......

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