Chitt ( letter)

she : konvallem mama rodllo, ajhe mojhea

govhache chit aetha dishta

crow is crying, perhaps there is letter for me from my husband He: Mogall mhuji gorkani, tuem kosham asai? my dearest queen, how are you? saud baloike bor asai mhunnon sojmothan. hope you are in the best of health and happiness...... He : kushkeant tujhea amchi khusalkai sang kiteam kortai in your womb, is our happiness tell me what is he doing?

rhaunc zhaena talwar khub ugdass, chiintun tujeam fugar zata. i cannot live without you,on the cruise ship think of you a lot, its hard.. she: khusalaki amchi bori assa, yhea dissant todi mosti kortai our happiness is fine, in these days very play full......