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Zoi pritimog vosta (where eternal love exist...)

Zoi pritimog vosta

Zoi pritimog vosta (where eternal love exist..) there God's presence is felt in the midst. a fervent rendition of the Hymn by Choir Group: Aradhon, Venue: Basilica Of Bom Jezu, Old Goa. Credit: Alicia Neshwin

Hymn lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


Zoi pritimog vosta

where there is eternal love,

thoi Dev hajir asa.

God's presence is felt in the midst.

Ektthai keleant ekchitan

united together in one mind

amkam Jezuchea mogan.

with love of Our Lord Jesus

Jezu amchem dhadosponn,

Jesus is our happiness,

anond ani vorteponn.

joy and superiority.


Zôi pritimôg vosta

where there is eternal love,

thõi Dev hajir asa.

there is felt the presence of God

Jivea Devachi bhirant

Fear of the living God,

Tacho mog amchea kallzant:

with His love in our hearts:

tôr khorea monan korchi

and with true mind

priti ekamekachi.

love each other



Zôr ektthãi ami zaleanv,

If we are all one,

don monachim asonanv.

our thoughts are never divided.

Zhogddim-vivad thambum-di,

Let all the quarrels and contentions stop,

Jezuk modem asum-di.

let Jesus be in our midst.

Porzollit mukhu Tujem,

Your resplendent appearance,

Jezu, amim polleunchem

Jesus, we will see,

sorgar bhoktam sangatim

in company of the saints in heaven.

voibhovan nitekallim.

Glory forever.

Hea opromit sontosak,

For this infinite happiness,

ucharabhailea sukhak,

happiness beyond description,

ami ravtanv, axetanv,

we are waiting, longing,

kiteak mogan jietanv.

because we are living in love.


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