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Zilla ani Leela

Zilla ani Leela

Zilla Ani Leela an unforgettable Konkani duet which captures our cultural/religious roots ingrained among our Hindu brethren. the accents , the music and Jatras and Devullas(Temples) Originally sung by M Boyer & Sophia and music composition : Chris Perry. Cover: Benzer & Elaine

Credit : ADR Music

lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


He: Chodd temp Bomboim anv rauchonam, utrar mojea add euchonam,

I won't be in Mumbai for long, I will not against my word

She: Na na na na vochonk dinvchimnam, vochonk dinvchimnam,

No No, I will not let you go, will not let you

Bomboi cheddvam tuka soddchimnam, login zale xivai dhaddchim nant,

the Mumbai girls will not leave you, they will not send you back till you marry them

He: Na na na hem kednanch goddchemnam, kednanch ghoddchemnam.

No, No , No It will never happen, No It will never happen

He: Eka utracho munis anv Lila sangchi goroz nam sotra,

I am man for one word , I don't have repeat it seventeen times

She: Toddoki bapa mhunntolo gomti dorun moji katra,

my cunning Dad says I will wring your neck

He: Gomti katrunk diumcho na Lila moine rau focot ikra,

I will not let him cut off your neck, just remain true for eleven months

She: Sangatan korchi re Zila, Sirganvchi zatra Zila, Sirganvchi zatra,

together we sill go to the shirgao fair, shirgao fair, Shirgao fair

Both: Sangatan korchi re Zila/Lila Sirganvchi zatra Zila/Lila Sirganvchi zatra.

  together we sill go to the shirgao fair, shirgao fair, Shirgao fair

He: Kitlem Lila tum visvaxi, utram tujim chodd moipaxi,

how trustful are you, Lila and your words full of affection

She: Poi poi poi poi maka fottoixi, maka fottoixi,

Look, look....... don't fool me , don't fool me..

Deulla bopachim chodd koxi,

I wish to visit all the temples

He: Sankleachea polloun za dadoxi

Seeing Sankleche temple be satisfied

He: Tea bhair Sirvodde voir ek devlla modkhoi Mardoll Mangeshi, Mardoll Mangeshi

besides, Shirodha, and the one above Madkai temple, Mardoll, Mangeshi, Mardoll and Mangeshi

He: Mhapxem bhottki voracher zatrek jerul dogaini voichem,

Mapusa in the early hours will go tighter to Nerul fair

She:Yetana Banastarim ami shukrar kitem gheuchem,

and while coming, Banastarim on Friday we'll buy something

He: Banastarim rath zait zalear marcellan vochon ravchem,

if its too late in Banastarim we'll go and stay in Marcel

She:Zambaulechea shigmeakui voson atak dorun bonvchem re Zila, atak dorun bonvchem,

Zambaulim shigmo fair, we will wander holding each others hand, Zila, holding each others hand

Both: Zambaulechea shigmeakui voson atak dorun bonvchem re Zila/Lila, atak dorun bonvchem

Zambaulim shigmo fair, we will wander holding each others hand, Zila, holding each others hand

He: Paryeamchi dista hi zoddi,

we look like a pair of doves

She: Bapak khobor sang thoddi,

please do not tell your Dad

Bapak tujea poilear sutta koddkoddi, sutta koddkoddi,

If I look at your Dad, I sweat and tremble

He: Ragan voddit tor guddguddi, ek kalsanv ek gheun saddi,

If he flies in temper, one pant and shirt

Dogaim povon voichim Swantvaddi, voichim Swantvaddi.

we'll both run away to Swantwadi, run away to Swanwadi

He: Swantvaddi vochot tor Lila rauchem poddtolem nogrek,

If we go to Sawantwadi, Lila we'll have to remains in the city

She: Thoimsor than gorchim math konnuch poddchimnam amche nodrek,

Over there our household and neighbors will not cast their eyes on us

He: Dogaim assat tegaim zatoch Lila Goeam yeumchim go tanche khobrek,

when the two of us become three, Lila We'll come to Goa to for their news

She :Soglim ami sangatan voichim Fatorpiyam zatrek Zila, Fatorpiyam zatrek,

we all then go together for Fatorpa's fair , Lila , Fatorpa's fair.

Both: Soglim ami sangatan voichim Fatorpiyam zatrek Zila/Lila, Fatorpiyam zatrek.


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