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Zadd tem Ambeachem

Every race has its guiding stars, to carry the twilight baton into the next generation, proud of her land and her people, she sings a silly love song in her native tongue

Here is Dale at Summer festival In UK.

Zhadd them ambeachem,

Tree that mango tree

Kedhinch visronhk nezho,

We can never forget

Mullant tachea boson

Reclining under that tree

Hoi..... Mog kello tuzho.

Yes .. We did make love

Nirmoll hea kalzak,

this innocent heart of mine

Pettlah bhitor uhzo,

Is set on fire

Hanv tujhi raani,

I am your queen

Ani tum raaza mhozo.

And you are my king

Mog toh amcho piklo,

Our love has ripened

Tea ambeachea khala,

Under that mango tree

Govai taka dourun ami,

By holding the.

Soput dila.

WE made our vows

Torno amcho mog toh,

Our innocent love that was

Pikon khauncho zala,

Has ripened to devour

Urla atam fokot kazar,

All that is left is our wedding

La, la, la, la.....

Kazarakh amchea,

For our wedding

Kovit sogleank free,

everyone is invited free

Nachon uddon jeun pie zomnir,

Dancing , dining till we drop


To the floor

Band vazounk amcho,

In attendance will be the live band

Astolo chris perry,

and it will be Chris Perry

Open air kazar,

For open air wedding

Under the Mango tree.


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