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yeo Moga Come my love

poiloch tho mog

yeo Moga, the Goan songs for new era, for the millenials by new gen singers/composers

the new breed of Culture pioneers have given our songs a global recognition

Kudos to them credit here to : Feebex Coutinho.


poiloch tho mog

my first love

Poilich thi noxea

tujea mogan kalliz mhojem sandlam

my heart is lost in yur love

dis rathe tuj sopna

day and nght your dreams

ekuch pavtt vengenth yeo moga

just once , come in my embrace

mojem kalliz gopanth dorunk

my heart craves to hold you

axeta sodanch poitoch tuka

always once it sees you.


yeo moga mhojea

come my love

kor tuzo maka

make me yours

kedinch sodchona tuka

this heart of mine is always for you

kalliz ravta tuka

my heart awaits you

vengenth dhor mhaka

hold me in your embrace

tujich axea yeo moga

crave for your alone

whoa.. whoa ... whoa.....

tujo moga hea kallzant rigla

your love is nestled in my heart

pusunk kosoch mevchona

it can never be erased

kedem vodd tufan ailar

howsoever big the storm

mog unem zauchona

my love will not fade

dis rathe tuji chitnam

day and night thoughts of you

ekuch pavtt tum yeo moga

just once come my love

jivit mhojem tukach dilam

my life I have given you

sangath di mhaka tuzo sasnak

give your company forever


oh angea

Oh angel

tujea vinnem kainch naka

without you i want nothing

niz mog kela tuzo

my love is true

kedinch visronk nezo oh..

I cannot forget.....


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