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Ye Naari ye (Come lady, Come)

Ye Naari ye

Ye Naari Ye (Come lady, Come) a lively dance performance

in UK, ain't nothing to beat us in wild exuberance, vivacity of our songs/music/dances, courtesy of our legend, Remo Fernandes. the rhythms of the East and the West blend so in unison in our hearts, our souls and even in our flesh...dazzling beauty that churns and evolves in the midst of our diversity. Credit: singer, composer --Remo Fernandes

credit: VK Music Vibes

lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs



Ye Naari Ye.... *2 Come lady come

Ye Naari Ye Amche Ghari Ye..

come lady come, come to our place

Tuka Phoolan Sobaithan..

We'll deck you with flowers

Tuka Saadiyen Netoithan Ah..

Dress you in saris

Naari Tum Unchli Naari..

Lady you lead lady

Amchya Gharaak zari...

Come to your house.

m..Gunan Tujya Ganan Tujya........ *2

in your virtues, in your song

Saglo Vaado Tuka Bot Joktha

the whole village raise their hands

Garanth Kitem Sezranth Kitem

in your house, in your neighborhood

Amche Thay Karench Kushal Bogtha

among us we feel truly blessed (happy)


mmm. Naxaeii Tunch Daxaeii Tunch

Amchench gharchak Tunch Oonch

in our household you are held in esteem

Gunan Vinchlam Chinthun Gethlam

we sought you for virtues and thinking

Besavn Amche Tujer Shimpla

Our blessing showered upon you



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