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Ya ya Maya ya Goan Folk Dance

Ya ya Maya ya

this is one of the most Popular Goan song by legendary Remo Fernandes this song, with its rhythmic and foot tapping music is ideally suited for Goan dances

and now a regular fixture for school or corporate annual social events, Credit to Arpita Jaiswal

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


(2)Undra mojhea

mama, ani auu sangtam tuka

My Mama mouse, I am warning you

(2)Ani mazorichia pila lagin kell mandi naka

That kitten you should not play with

(2) Undir mama ailo ani pateche pondha liplo

Mama mouse has come and hid under the wooden suitcase

(2) Ani mazorichia pilan taka ek gassan kailo

That Kitten ate him up in one bite.

Ya ya maya ya Ya ya maya ya

Ya ya maya ya Ya ya maya ya



O Maria pita che, O Maria pita che

Barra de Damao mi Luzi, Estreit e comprid

Bar of Damn which narrow and long Alegra na entrad mi Luzi, Triste na said

Joyful at the entrance to my Luzi and sad at the exit

Por amor de vos mi Luzi, Eu ficou soldado

For love of you, I beacme a soldier Fazer sentinel mi Luzi, Levar chicotad

to make me a sentinel with a whip

2) OMaria pita che, O Maria pita che


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