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Viole, Goan band Double R

Goan band Double R

A lively song with an inscrutable language,

definitely not Konkani,(what the heck!!) to foot tapping and engrossing music, by Goan Band Double R launched and owned by JurgenMycroft formerly with Lynx Goan Band, vid will load in few secs


He is Goa's popular Musician and who has covered Goa music scene for past two decades.

Good Luck to him with his own band!!

Bustling night life in Goa at Cohiba and another spirited performance by Live bands Double R in attendance.

Its season for Goan Band Double R, grooving the night away, another buoyant performance at Club Yaki

the latest from Double R band on Friday night, when Cohiba comes alive, the latest and Retro

fri 12-05-2023

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Feb 21, 2023


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