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Uloilelim Utram (Adeus)

Uloilelim Utram

Uloilelim Utram ( the spoken words) when spoken words have no meanings, to distraught lover on break up. A heartwarming konkani song original composer, the legendary: Chris Perry

the vocalist cover & Credit: Guilman D'Costa

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Uloilelim utram

the spoken words

Monantuch uron,

remained in my mind

Udkache porim to mog

like the water my love

Mozo gelo vavon.


ek dis ani kednai

one day and whenever

Sonvsar ossoch soron,

this life spent likewise

punn to mog kallzant mhojea

but your love in my heart

Astolo bhoro.

will always remain


Kainch uloinastanam

without a word

Tum koddsorlem

you departed

Adeus passun korunk

to say goodbye

Tum vissorlem

you forgot

Nirmoll kallzak mhojea

this innocent heart of mine

Tumvem tople kantte,

you pierced with thorns

Kiteak mhunnon Devan

why Oh God

Amche kele vantte.

have you cut us into pieces



Poilo mog khoro tor

Tum danvon ye

Soglem bhogsitelim

Yeun vengen ghe.

Porva nam visorlear

Oshinch dukam golloun

Morom passun tuji

Rautelim vatt polloun.


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