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Tuzo Mog Zai (need your love)

Tuzo Mog Zai

A new genre of music with rap overtones,that's making waves in Goa and abroad. with energetic dance choreography Its fast, its cool and for the millennials to grow with. and Friz love has been blazing a new trail and immensely popular. Goa owes a debt to him. credit to JSF & Friz Love. and the team. Tuzo Mog Zai, lyrics with English translation,l vid will load in few secs.


echo.....zai zai mog zai

need ...need .. need your love

dis kadle, rathi sarleo uskaen tuzea

spent days and sleepless nights anxious thoughts of you

mog tuzo maka zalla mhunne gut kallzan dovorla

on falling in love, I have kept it close to my heart

,,itlem vorsan ravun tuka vatt poloita

I waited for you for so many years, and finally see you

sopon mhuzem purean zavonk deva lagin magtam

to fulfill my dreams , I pray to God

chitaneem tuzea sangat kitem korchem kai somzanam

think of you to be with you, don't know what should I do

tuka hanv .... tuzi vat soddchina

chorus1 (Friz)

Mog kella tuzo kallzant thaun

I loved you from the depths of my heart

dis rath hanv rautam tujea saron jivit sangatam

day and night I await to spend my life with you.

tum jivitacho surya, tuzo uzvvad zai maka

you are the sunlight of my life

tuzea vinnenem kainch naka maka moga

without you I need nothing else

rautu tuka

I wait for you


hey, maka naka tuzi giresteak, polluen ah tum suropai

Hey, I don't want your wealth, gazing at your beauty

korta tuzi apurbai, maka fokot tuzo mog zai

I shower with my affection, I just need your love

zai zai zai zai maka fokot tuzo mog zai

need , need, need, just your love, I need

zai zai zai zai maka fokot tuzo mog zai

... soddanch sangatak astolom

I will remain in your company

sonvasara sogglo mog tuka ditolo

I give you all the love in the world

.bandtlo novo ghorabo.. ekvattan jivapacho

I will build a new home, to live life together



break rap


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