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Tuzo Mog (your Love) DJ Salvino

Tuzo Mog (your Love)

Tuzo Mog (your Love) Goan songs with new throbbing afro beats and immensely popular with new Gen .music is fast paced and lively.

vocals: DJ Salvino Credit: DJ Salvino Miranda

lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.



voh voh voh......................................2

ekuch pauti mhaka vengen dhor

hold me just once in your arms

mhojea khallzak tuzo mog dhakoi

show your love to my heart

tuka poitoch .mhojem jivit sarona....

without gazing at you my life is empty

message tuje aina zallear sukhoi lagona

without your message, there is no peace

suria assona tor molob sobona

without the sun the sky is barren

tum dissona zalear tor mhujem jivit uzvad nah

If I do not see you there is no light in my life


kui assa tum, vorra zallim bhara

where are you, the hour is almost twelve

veller ami eai, try koria baga

lets go to beach, lets try Baga

baga to Colva tuzea magir ghara

Baga to Colva and then at your place.



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