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Tunch Mozo Suskar (you are my breath)

Tunch Mozo  Suskar

Tunch Mozo Suskar, ( you are my breath) a refreshing konkani love song in sync with the times and in tune with Millennials.

the lyrics and music is energetic and crisp

credit : Brendon rato featuring Hansel

lyrics with translation below, vid will play in few secs.


Haven mog Kela tuzo niz

I have loved you truly

fokot tukach betoila moje kaliz

Only for you I dedicate my heart…

Deva tai sodanch magta mog amcho korunck feliz....

I pray to God always to fill our love with happiness

Axeta dorun ravta kedan ietolo dis

I deeply crave for the day to dawn

Altarshi kopler ditlo kiss

when before the altar I will kiss your forehead

Podesant asa zaite korta tuka miss

I am living abroad I miss you dearly

Devan pois Koru kosle ailear amcher vaite viz

may God keep afar from us any bad troubles


anj bodve koxhe aile mojea jivitan

Like an angel you came into my life

mogan bovon ami gunter bandchi sangatan

suffused in love we'll build our nest together

mog astolo mozbut bovot tor ekvotan

Our Love will be strong when we' will walk together

Chukli zalear boksusvhi ravchi nui ragan

If we make mistake we'll forgive and not remain in anger

kitlo sobit tuzo rupkar

How beautiful is your visage

ieta mojea dolea samkar

It plays in front of my eyes

Darling I love you tunch mozo suskar

darling................You are my breathe

Chuluiya devachea pavlanim

let us walk in God's path

suru zali magachi kanni

Our love story has begun

Te kanneacho hanv raza anik tum ranni

in this story I am the king and you're the queen

suknea porim ontroller udchi

Like the birds in the sky we'll fly

Nustea porim somdirant buddchi

like a fish we'll dive in the sea

hatak hat galun sodanch ami bovchi

hand in hand we'll always walk together

Odchonneo aileo zalear sangatam fuddo korchi

Any difficulties in our way, we'll fight together


Devache tu maka ek denne

You are God's gift to me

dogaikui vichun kadli tanne

It is He who brought us together

kalzantle chorun vorunk zavache na konne

And nobody can steal our hearts

voi vorunk zavche na konne

yes nobody can steal it from us

Hatak dorun gara tuka vortolo

holding hands I will take you to my home

Satvo sakrament zodtolo

the seventh sacrament we'll fulfill

muji vokol mudon sogleank dakoitolo

as my wife I will show you to everyone

Moro porian tuzoch mog kortolo

till I die I will love you





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