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Tunch Mhaka Zai (only you, I need)

Tunch Mhaka Zai

Tunch Mhaka Zai, A new gen Goan Konkani songs have nestled in millions hearts, around the world. Its fast paced, the lyrics of love and dedication and millennials love it. credit to Feebex Coutinho

Konkani Lyrics and English Translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs


Ravlo tuka Mhaka

I waited for you

Tum mevosor korunk mhojem

once I meet you to make you mine

Poilech nodrek kallzant riglem

Just with one look in my heart

Rup Tujem poitoch Mon mhojem guspolem

ingrained your vision,My mind in knotts

Niz mog tuzo sodanch, kelo havem

truly I loved you always

Hea kallzan than

from my heart

Axetam fokot, tujeach mogak

I crave for you, only you

Don kallzam doshim, zavunk kednach divchona

two hearts to be broken, I will not allow


Moga yo dhavun mhojea gopant

my love come running in my arms

Moga kednach sodchona

my love I will never leave you

Moga kiteak Mhaka todpaita

My love why do you make it hard

Moga tunch Mhaka zai

my Love, it only you, i need

oh oh oh

Naka Anic dusre Mhaka

do not want anyone else

Anjea mhojea tunch mhojem sukh

angel mine, you are my happiness

Tuje vinnem ravonk nezo

without you I cannot leave

Jivit mhojem bhetoilem tuka

this life I dedicate to you


Tuje vinnem Ani, ravonk nezo

without you I cannot live

Ravonk nezo

cannot live

Zanv tum mhoji ranni hea kallzachi

you will be the queen of my heart

Hea kallzachi

my heart



Moga tunch Mhaka zai


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