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Tum Sukh Mhojem (you're my happiness)

Tum Sukh Mhojem

Innocent love and lyrics with promises of being faithful and true forever. Lyrics credit : Pierson D'Costa cast: Cyder Dias & Merlvi credit: Cyder Dias. Tum Sukh Mhojem.


jivitan ailem chitinam nastana

you came into my life unknowingly

ek makak meulim polle nastana

we met each other, without seeking

Insta cher chatting kortalam, picture posteu

on Insta app you would chat, sometimes picture

dalltalant mogan podlim uloi nastana

you would post and fell in love without speaking

polleach paut zadna tuka dekhlan

when I saw you for the first time

mellunk ailem gorechea .gomunk nastana

you came to meet without informing your folks

sobit distalem tuje sobit the dolle

you looked beautiful with lovely eyes

mog zallo dolle dolle ghaltana

our love sparked when our eyes met


niz moga mhojem sukh sasnachem

true love you are, happiness for eternity

soddanch..raktolem utor mogachem

always loving

tujea sivai kainch lagonne mhonne mhojem

without you nothing interest my mind

sodanch khusall davortolo sangnam mhojem

Always keep you happy, this my promise

tum sukhea kaalzachem dadadhosponne mogachem

your serene peaceful heart, blessings of love

voi kalliz rogot tujhem

yes, your and and your blood

tujea vengen dhor maka

hold me in your embrace

tuje vinnem dushrem ani khonne naka

without you I need no one else

tum zai soddanch maka

I always want you

kalliz axeta tuka vegin eio kallzachem sukha

my heart aches for you, come my hearts delight

mhojem kalliz hanv bettoitan tuka

my heart I dedicate to you

moga savlli ditelea ruka

the tree that casts the shadow of love

khoslem tufan uprasarat zaalera tuzo sangat sodhchona

howsoever the storms, I will not leave your company

hem kedich visronaka

this you must never forget


tuka poitokoch suskar jiv mhojo

when I gaze at you you're my breath, my life

kallzantan mog kella hanvem tuzo

from my heart I have loved you

aiz jive khusal zalle mhojo

today my life is filled with happiness

altara mukar jurament dilla..

we made our vows before the altar

anvddo aslo dogaincho, aiz shakim puro zallo

this was desire which was fulfilled in the end

kitlem oier sokhol zaun, limane suskar porenat

whatever ups and downs till my last breath

tho zurament sambartholem

I will uphold it.



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