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Tujea Vortea Nanvan

Tujea Vortea Nanvan

Tujea Vortea Nanvan ( In your Sublime name) A Konkani hymn of praises for Our Heavenly Father and His mighty handiworks and not content, He sent his only Son to lead us the way. Original Source: Gaionacho Jhelo Credit: Valentine Fernandes

Hymn Lyrics with English translation, vis will load in few secs.


Sorvespora Deva,

God Almighty,

mogall Bapa amchea,

our loving Father,

Tujeach Nanvak thorai,

Glory to Your name,

Tujeach Nanvak mhoima

Praise to Your name

favo sasnna-sasnak

is deserving forever and ever


Tujea vortea Nanvak

in your sublime name

mhoima gaitanv, Bapa

we sing your praises, Heavenly Father

Ut´tom ekloch to Tum

You alone is pure,

bolixtt tezvont to Tunch

you alone is strong and firm

Mollbar prithver sogott

In the universe,

Tujench mhonnchem, Deva,

all is Yours, my God,

Mogall Bapa, amchea

Our loving Father



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