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tujea hatant mhozo hat

tujea  hatant mhozo hat

Tujea hatant mhozo hat, A Goan konkani devotional hymn of trusting Our Lord Jesus Christ who will deliver in the end,

Credit: Omar de Loiola Pereira & Aradhon Choir, hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs.



Tujea hatant mhozo hat, Jezu, ghaltam hanv:

Jesus, I am putting my hand in your hand:

Tuka tenkun, visvasan

, putting my trust in You.

Jezu dhôrtam vatt.

Jesus, I am going on my way,

Tujê bori unch dongor kaddun choddtam hanv;

I am climbing the high hill with You;

Tujea utrak pallo diun,

In accordance with Your word!

doriar choltam hanv!

I am walking on the waves,

Tuji ghottai mhaka di:

Give me Your strength:


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