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Tin Kallzam (Three hearts) - Sanio

Tin Kallzam

Tin Kallzam (three hearts) break-up of family when

a mother leaves her home, her children, husband behind to make new future. Which mother could betray? but it happens, we have no answers. A sad Konkani song, the dance party perhaps to liven up the sadness. vocalist : Sanio Fernandes Main Cast Sanio Fernandes, Buzeal Caldeira

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


xitoll raat ti motianichi

a clear pearly night

ontroll petla sobit noketramni

the heaven is ablaze with stars

kallzan assat Amchim Dukhi

Our hearts remain in pain

xekim zalim mhunn doxi

in the end we were separated

Haat zoddun ubo ravlo tujexim

with hands clasped I stood before you

donui dolle mhoje bhorun dukhanin

with both eyes brimming with tears

koxem putvolem zait tuka

how could it possible for you

dukhounk tin, kallzam amchim

to hurt three hearts


chondrim liplo kupant mhollbar

moon is hiding behind the clouds

visron amkam tuven korunk chintloi fuddar

to leave us behind you planned to make your future

ulhas soddtam sobhe mazar

I heave a sigh in public

koso pusun daag to podla ekvottar

what sword has pierced our Union

bhurgim buzvonn ditat

the children try to comfort

dukham vhanvtoch pollear

when tears roll down the cheek

poilech poitanch mhojea dollean mukhar

when I first saw in front of eyes

sorga prim disloi soglo sonvsar

the whole world seemed heavenly

visvaxi ponnachea pavtoch panvddear

when trust issue came to the fore

mog uboiloi varear

Love was swept in the winds

haz vivido en nuestro abrazo hogar de tu alma

you lived in our embrace with your soul

y hoy te marchas pareciera sin pensarlo

and today you live without thinking

a retonos que iran

the .......will go

por la vidas sin ti buscando to regazo

through life without you craving for your lap(comfort0


Devan tuka feliz dovru bhurgim kortat rozar

God may bless you with happiness, children ask in prayer


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