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Sorginchi Ranni ( Queen of Heaven)

Sorginchi Ranni

Sorginchi Ranni (Queen of Heaven) a soulful konkani hymn to Our Blessed Mother, the Queen Of Heaven

Choir: Chiara Miranda, Rania Gomes, Swena Vaz, Nicole Fernandes & Nadia Fernandes.

Credit: Lenoy Gomendes

Hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs.


khotavinn sodanch jielli

Lived without any stain

Dusreanchea tum huskean lasli

always with concern for others

aplea puta vorvim amkam rakta

for her Son's sake she guards her

mogall avoi kurpen bhorloli

Blessed Mother full of grace


Maria amche mogache maim

Mary our loving Mother

Devan tuka ubharun vhelli

God has taken you personally to heaven

Patok Ghoddonk nam mhunn tuje thaim

since you are without stain of sin

Bapan sorginchi ranni kelli

Our Heavenly Father has made you the Queen of Heaven


Manta Khala soglleank raktai

In her mantle she protects us all

bhurgeank surokxit sambhallitai

and guards children in her sanctuary

sonvsarantlim zhogddim zhuzam pois kor

Keep afar the world battles and wars

anik vosoi xanti sovostkai

and fill the world with Peace and goodwill



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