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Sorg Ugto Zavn ( heaven unfolds)

Sorg Ugto Zavn

Sorg Ugto Zavn A melodious and soothing song by the bride Reema Pereira to her husband Rigon on their first dance,.the lyrics are almost poetic for an ethereal first dance. God bless and Congrats Reema & Rigon credit :F D'Cunha jotted down the the lyrics with translation for world wide audience, vid will load in few secs


poilech nodrek re moga

at the first sight love

zedna tuem maka dekhlo

when I first saw you

dislo sorg ugto zaun

seemed like heaven opened its doors

denvlo pormoll bhavuncho

descended heavenly perfume

sanvsorak moddlem tum

among the whole world

jevenen mhuje aslo eklo

in my life there was one

rochlear Devan tuka

God created you

poi mhujea passot rochlo

look he made you for me

eai dishak ravtalim

I was waiting for this day

vatt hanv poitaleim

gazing at the path

kedna tho velle yetalim

when will the day arrive

visvaxen mogache puri ei lognache

with faith and love fulfill the wedding

valor ei utram vastelim

the precious words to read

ravetalim angea gopant re

I remain in your embrace

tujea poiloch ho dance nastelim

to dance the first dance with you

tum bhair hanv Goem

you abroad and I am in Goa

mog mogan jeia purim zalli .disli.

mhujea dollean eai dolle

gazing into my eyes

mogan tum gallun polle

gazing with love

poitolom tum bhitorlem

when you peer inside

mhujem kalliz odaintleam

my heart in my chest

kallzan pintaileam assa

my heart is painted

hanstem rupnem monhatlem

the smiling face

tem rupnam moga tujem

the face of yours

nui tean ani konnailem

and no one else's

poileach nodrek mog

love at first sight

mogacho zalla .hem kalliz tukach betoilam

this union of love, this heart is dedicated to you

tum mhujea raja kallzan tuven mhojea

my king in my heart you have

mogachem agttem pettoilem

you have lighted the flame of love

mogacho ghorkar ... samkar kallzan tujechem nanvh kantoilem

hanv ravtalem tuka tum ravtolo maka

devan tujech passot pantoilam

tum mhoje shi pois asslo sat sombdir dorean ..

you were far from me faraway beyond the ocean

pois aslim amchi kallzan ektain korim lognataleim

Our hearts were apart and now bound by marriage

odrust tufan uprashelar askara tujea bhoglean

when troubles arise I will by your side to protect

ravtelim sodanch mogan oddrust, vait vengenatlean

always remain in love through troubles, sorrows

mog tuzo kortalim visvaxi ravtalim

I will be loving you, be faithful

ekvott ami sambaoichim

and guard our union


shanti kain jevunchim

kalliz hem mhojem,moga hanv tujem, eka mekak ami sodanch paunchim

this heart of mine, my love I am yours, we will reach out for each other

survat taen xevot sambalai ekvott Devacher pataoin ravchim

in the beginning as well as the end, we'll guard our Union, with trust in God.


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