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Sopnan Fotoilo (fooled by a dream)

Sopnan Fotoilo

Sopnan Fotoilo ( fooled by a dream) A beautiful dream

with a girl that lingers while awakened from deep slumber, wish you had never awakened but alas it was a dream.

Original composer: Chris Perry Vocalist: Joel Rebelo

Heaven touch Band

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


Pankte tor asle mhaka

if I had the wings

Uddon tujeshim ieupacho

I would fly to be with you

Sodhun kadunk tuka

to search for you

Mhojea gopant ghevpacho

to hold you in my embrace

Ranant pasun asle tor

even if you lived in the jungle

Tujeshim hanv ravpacho

I will remain by your side

jevunk pasun naslear

if I had no food to eat

Palo khavpacho

I will eat the foliage

Kitlo sinther zalo

how sad I was

Noxibantlem chuklem

my fate amiss

Nirmoll kalliz Mhojem

my innocent heart

Kitlem zait dukle

how pained it was

Sonvsarant ani na konn

In this world there in no one

Tu sobit ekle

as beautiful as you

Kednach tuka dekhonk na

I have never seen you before

Fokot Sopnnant havem deklem

but only in my dreams

Nhidlolo hanv astana

while I was asleep

Ojap hem ghoddlem oslem

I was amazed it happened

Zolmank dekunk na

I have never seen in my life

Sobhit cheddum toslem

such a beautiful girl

Mollbar thaun devon yevun

descended from heaven

Kuxik tem mhojea boslem

and sat by my side

Ekech ghoddiek mhoje

In one instance

Kalliz Mogan laslem

my heart was inflamed

Kallzak mhojea Mogacho

this heart of mine

Uzo tannem pettoilo

lighted a fire

Soglle rat ulovon

chatting whole night

Aploi mog pettoilo

Kiss gheunk hanv vetalo

I was about to kiss her

Mai-n mhojea mhaka uttoilo

when my mom woke me up

Utton poilear

awake searching

Konnuch na mhaka

there was nobody near

Sopnnan fottoilo

fooled by a dream


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