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Sodanch Sangatan (always together)

Sodanch Sangatan

Sodanch Sangatan ( always together) a melodious konkani ballad of love, bonding and marriage

Cast: Angelo D'Costa & Stacy D'Cruz, vocalist/ Composer: Stacy D'cruz Credit: Stacy D'cruz

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Poilech pauti ami dogai ekamekak mevlim,

for the first time we met each other

Mog tho poile nodrecho zavun mogan podlim.

It was love at first sight, so we fell in love

Sangtan vell sarthoch mashi odik ollok zalim,

the more we kept company, the more we got to know each other

Mogak xim-mer nastana mogan podlim.

without love certitude we fell in love


Aiz ami utrachi mudi galun,

today with vows we put rings on our fingers

Igorjeant altarar bandpas bandlo,

In front of Church's altar we tied our knot

Hokol-novre koshi sasnacho kondrad zodlo;

happily as husband's and wife, we made our covenant forever

Fudar boro zavun devache besanv amcher podo,

for our happy future, We have the God's blessings

Zaiti vorsa oxiz mogan chittkun ravo…..

for many years, we hope to live in love.


Boro fuddar avndetan tujea jivitant,

I wish a better future in your life

Visvaxi – ravchi ami sodanch ekvottan;

We'll remain faithful and always together

Mog amcho vaddo sukant toxem dukant,

Our love will grow joys and sorrows

Gov-bhail koxi sodanch ravchi sangatan

in matrimony we'll remain together

Kazar mhunnta te painnem zavun asa sukache,

the wedding is known to be cardle of happiness

Kednai marunui eita varem dukachem.

sometimes there blows the wind of sorrow

Jivitant sodanch ami kuxallkain ravchem,

in life We'll always remain in happiness

Pun kednach ragan ravchi nhoi mogan bhovchem.

We'll never seethe in anger but in remain in love




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