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Sam Fransisku Xaviera hymn

Sam Fransisku Xaviera

Sam Fransisku Xaviera An original composition by the Mestre Da Capela of the Se Cathedral, Old Goa, Raimundo Floriano Felciano Barreto. Hymn sung with angelic cadences Vocalist: Erisha Franco

Credit: Erisha Franco

hymn Lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


Sam Fransisku Xaviera

Tuji kuddu Goyam Xhara

Saint Francis Xavier

your relics are in Goa

Tum Jezuchea Soinika

Sodanch zoitivont kor maka

you are in the company of Jesus,

always make me victorious

Zori Vilaitent melo

it was with high fever he died

mortoch Goyam portun ailo

after he died, he came back to Goa

amche sovem tum ravcho

amongst us you must remain

samball korunk Goykarancho

to safeguard us Goans

vaitt-vignam ietat tednam

when evil manifests and heads our way

Zhuzam–moddam uprastanam

when wars and storms gather

Amkam tum visrum naka

Do not forget us

Jezuchea bollvont soinika

Our Lord Jesus staunch followers


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