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Saiba Sam Zuze ( Saint Joseph)

Saiba Sam Zuze

Saiba Sam Zuze, A Special dedication a Goan Konkani Hymn, to my Godfather over heaven yonder, I abide under his care. Credit to: Nelly Mendes

hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Saiba sam Zuze, tum amcho dar

Sir Saint Joseph, you are our help

Za tor tum amcho nimano suskar

Be then our last breath

Vaitam vignam tum amchim nivar

through bad troubles you deliver us

atan ani mornnachea vellar

Ow at the hour of death


Saiba Sam Zuze tum amcho onod

Lord Saint Joseph you are our joy

Deva lagim ghal tuji vohodd mozot

In presence of God place your protection

Tujea tea gopant amkam dovor

Hold us in your embrace

Atam ani mornnacho vogot

Now at the hour of our death


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