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Resperachi Nesoun

Resperachi Nesoun

Resperachi Nesoun dressed for the nuptials, a wedding classic which reverberates in wedding halls to delight the wedding couple.

Vocalist : Luis Fernandes Credit : Sydney Silveira

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Kherit bhaxen Kantar hem mhunta

In a especial way I sing this song

Aiz dis mhunn vodd Khuxalkaiecho

this day today of immense happiness

Aiz tumi zodlo satvo sacrament kazaracho

you have fulfilled the seventh sacrament of marriage

Estolan banpas bhandun

tying the knot of estola

Ekvott kelo tumcho dogaicho

the Union you'll fulfilled together

Devan tumkam sodanch khuxal dovru

God may always keep you happy

Ho anvddo amcho

this is our desire


Resperachi Nesoun nesoun

dressing up for the nuptials

Sobit tumi distat rupan

you'll look so beautiful

Don kallzam doxi aslim

two hearts that were apart

Aiz ek zata kitleach tempan

today become after long time

Tujem ghor soddun tum bai

Leaving your house behind

Ravonk vetai govachea gharant

to leave in your husband house

Sodanch tumi oxinch uro

always remain the same

Magtam rozarant

we pray

Novrea bab hanv sangtam tuka

dear groom am advising you

Ghorkanicher sodanch dor viswas

Always have faith in your wife

Lok tuka zaite sangtelem tanchem

the people will talk a lot about her

Aikonakai matt

do not listen

Okle bai tujea hatant asa

dear bride in you hand is

Tumchea fudarachi vatt

you future path

Sodanch tumi ekvottan uro

always remain together

Deva lagim mag

pray to God


Kazar zatoch dogai tumi

after your marriage

Zatelim mai ani pai

you'll become parents mom, dad

Sodanch tumchea modem asonk

always in your midst

Zai sozmikai

need underating

Bail gharantle koxlem kam kortana

when you wife does the household chores

Gova Tuvui kamant hat bot lai

Husband you too try to help

Oxem soglem zavpak dev tumchea modem

for all this to happen God has to be

Sodanch asonk zai

always in your midst.



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