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Red Rose Konkani classic

 Red Rose Konkani classic

Red Rose Konkani classic, original singer:Lorna Cordeiro and a natural rendering and enacting of the song with sea behind, Cover by : Anoushka Fernandes

Credit: Aubern Fernandes

Lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Ghoru mugelem Kuddtore saxtti, Rozalin muj' nanvum

my home is in Curtorim, Salcette and Rosaline is my name

Tambddelem rozu mhunnit tor sogllo ollkhot' mhaka ganvum

Red rose is my nickname, the village knows me by

Walkisher vhoddlea Parxeange bongleant kam' kortam hanvum

in walkisher in big Parsee bungalow, I work there

Rostean choltana fattlean re lagta cheddeanchem pursanvum

when I walk on the streets, three is a line boys who follow me

Konn mhaka choklett haddun ditai

some of them offer me chocolates

Konn mhaka pich'cherak apoitai

Some call me movies

Konn mhaka besttech zapaitai

some tease me

Konn mhaka poixe dakhoitai

Some show me money

Zaite amgele goemcar chedde, fatlean moje ietai,

Many Goan boys come after me

Fuimsorui osonk suseg mak dinai, jivu mozo hatai

wherever I go, they do not give me peace, they make my life miserable

Kazar zata mhunn kitle zann maca, utor pasun ditai

many boys have promised to marry, have given their Word(vows)

Tesole nouvre nakai baba te, contri soro pitai

I do not want such husbands, they drink booze (feni)

Aikon hem ghotti motin dhori,

Please listen and keep in mind

Aichen tum boro nicheu kori,

from now make a good resolution

Soreak tea dorian voron mari,

to cast that booze into the sea

Kazar muko zachea zai zaleari,

If you want to marry me.

Parxeam ghe passun chedde re maka, bestech moddtai dolle

even the Parsee boys, unnecessarily wink at me

Red rose mhunnon apoitai maca, fokann kortai thodde

they call me Red Rose and invite me, and some make fun of me

I love you mhunnon, kissu re mujo magtai mojea kodde

They say" I Love you" and beg of me for a kiss

Dusre mac nacai kazar zato anv focot goemcaram kodde

I do not want anyone else, except our Goan boys

Parxi maca duddu ditole

Parsee will give me money

Ghoddie tea bangar ghetole

Perhaps purchase Gold for me

Melear maca kanvlle khatole

But if I die, they will feed me to the crows

Goemcar moje matie etole

Our Goans boys will bury me instead.

la la la la, la la la la la la


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