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Poixilea Desantle ( from far away lands)

Poixilea Desantle

Poixilea Desantle (from far away lands), The three wise men from East navigated through this Bright Star of Bethlehem, which led them to the infant Jesus cradled in the arms of his mother. How did they know? that the infant they witnessed was God in form of a baby. We'll never know... this Konkani hymn reverberates in our Churches during the Epiphany of our Lord, Credit: to the Choir, Echoes of Love

hymn lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.



Poixilea desantle

From far away lands,

Jezuk bhozunk aile.

they came to adore Our Lord Jesus.

Teg vidvan Udentiche

Three Kings from the East,

aplo ganv soddun aile,

leaving their land behind, they came

noketra fattlean gele,

they followed the star,

Jeruzaleak te pavle.

they reached Jerusalem.


“Patxai khõi Zudevancho?

“Where is the King of the Jews?

Raza khõi ga zolmola?

Where has the King been born?

Nomoskar Taka korcheak,

To adore Him,

Tak’ aileanv pãiam poddcheak.”

we have come to fall at His feet.”


Avoichê vengent dhaklo

They saw Him in the cradle of his mother,

axel’lo Raza dislo!

the King they were eager to see

Vondon korun saxttangim

Praising Him

vordonam Taka vôplim.

they offered Him gifts.



(not included)

Herodak vichar kelo :

They asked Herod:

to soglloch rê ghaborlo!

he was all confused!

Iadnikank, xastriank haddle,

He summoned his priests and learned persons,

tankodde vichar kele.

he inquired about them.

“Bethlehem’ xharant vochat”:

Go to the City of Bethlehem,”

vidvanank zobab dilo;

he told the Kings;

“Ballkachem dorxon gheiat:

go and look out for the Baby:

mhaka bi khobor haddat.”

I, too, would like to know about it.”

Beleachea rostear fuddem

On the road to Bethlehem,

noketr novean chol’lem:

the star, again led them:

Ballkachea ghorar tharlem;

It stopped at the house of the Baby;

sontoxi kalliz zalem.

their hearts were filled with joy.



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