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O Sanctissima in Latin --Aradhon

Heaven's eyes on her, in the season Of Advent. on this simple, humble maiden from Galilee who consented to Our Heavenly Father through his Angel Gabriel . " Be Done unto me, as thou sayeth"

An enchanting hymn in Latin to seek Our Blessed Mother's intercession. It has origins in Sicilian mariners hymn their nightly invocation to Blessed Mother for her protection.

O Sanctissima in Latin Credit to Aradhon Choir

Soloists : Anushka Coutinho , Fleur Dias

O sanctissima, o piissima,

Oh most holy, oh most loving

dulcis Virgo Maria

sweet Virgin Mary

Mater amata, intemerata,

Beloved Mother, undefiled,

ora, ora pro nobis.

pray, pray for us.

Tu solatium et refugium,

You are solace and refuge,

Virgo Mater Maria.

Virgin Mother Mary.

Quidquid optamus, per te speramus;

Whatever we desire, we hope it through you;

ora, ora pro nobis.

pray, pray for us.

Tolle languores, sana dolores;

Take away our apathy, heal our pains;

ora, ora pro nobis.

pray, pray for us.

Virgo, respice, Mater, aspice;

Virgin, look at us, Mother, care for us;

audi nos, o Maria

hear us, oh Mary

Tu medicinam portas divinam

You bring divine medicine;

ora, ora pro nobis.

pray, pray for us


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