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O Moga (Oh my Love)

O Moga

Is love well worth waiting for? Of course it is ,!! but 10 years that's something else, Love and that sure to leave you alone and old. there is time to call it quits and move on. O Moga gives vent to this love sung By Fritz Love Jeanelle Carvalho


Poilech nodren pixem lailem

Love at first sight drives me crazy

O moga

Oh myLove

Sobit rupak kalliz hem bullem

with your beautiful sight my heart is captivated

O moga

Oh my Love

Zalim da vorsa anik tin mhoinem

its 10 years and three months

O moga

Oh my Love

Pun moga tuka kaddunk zaina hea monantlem

But I cannot erase you from my mind

O Moga

Oh my love

Dahdun dile hanve tuka fulanchem turem

I had sent you garland of flowers

Pun moga tuvem portun dadlem zaddachem hande moga

But you sent it back the branches

Ilex mhojem kor gho churchure

at least have little bit of pity on me

o Moga

Oh my love

Sodun di nokre kalzan dor aundde mogachem

leave the playfulness behind and fulfill the desires of heart


Tujea vinnem hanv zanto zata

because of you I've grown old

Eksuro raun mhoje kens hem pikta

remaining single, my hair has grown grey

O moga o moga vegim tum io go atam

Oh my love, Oh my love hurry and come to me

Girestkai ghor anik motor asa

I have riches, house and vehicle , car

Fokot tujich goroj mhaka

I just need you alone

Oh moga

Oh my love

io atam kalliz mhojem ravta tuka

Come now my heart awaits you

O moga moga mhojea Kalliz hem ravta tuka

Oh Love , this heart waits for you

Oh moga tum mhojea kallzan rigun asa

Oh Love you are engraved in my heart

Sorun ghelim gho 10 vorsa tujea mogan asa

Has gone by 10 years in love with you

Oh Moga sang mhak anik kitlim vorsa

Oh love tell me how long more

raunk toiar gho hanv asa pun tunch zaie gho mhaka

I am ready to remain more years cause I just need you



Chedva gho chedva tujea mogan hanv lasta

Girl Oh girl I am in love with you

Tuje nahv Mhojem nahv akea gavank gazta

Your name, my name resounds in the whole town

Tujo mogi mhuddon mhaka lok tondar marta

Your lover they tease me on my face

Ankvarauch urtolo mhuddon fokanna tim korta

I will remain a bachelor they make fun of me

Tor sangh mhaka mhojea moga

SO tell me my Love

Da vorsa zalim atam zobab ditlem tum kedna

Its 10 years now, will you give me your word

Zantto zata vorsa danvta punn mog burgoch asa

I am growling old years have flown by but my love is young

Purim kor mhojim sopna

Fulfill my dreams


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