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Novo Dis Udetanam (when the new day dawns)

Novo Dis Udetanam

A popular konkani hymn of new beginnings, a new hope, a new dawn and to sing praises to our heavenly Father

credit to :Nelly Mendes

hymn lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.



Novo Dis Udetanam

When the new day dawns

Udelo amcher Dhonia

It dawned on us, O Lord.

Oprimit Tuzo moimog

Infinite is your love for all

Jinnecho khoro Suria (2)

the true sun of our lives

Dor-disa bhogun hem sukh

suffused by this happiness

Sontosan kalliz uddta,

Our heart leaps for joy

Dhadoxi zata otmo

Our Soul brims with contentment

Dhin’vasta Tuka, Bapa

and praises to you, O Hevenly Father


Amche voir Sorvespora

Upon us O Lord

Fankum-di Tuzo porzoll

diffuse your fragrance

Porzollum Tuzo prokas,

Shine your Light

Amcho vavr zaum-di sufoll

And bless us our toils



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