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Nanv Tujem Kitem -(what's your name?)

Nanv Tujem Kitem

Another song for the millennials, fast paced, upbeat and simple lyrics what's your name? from the Artist/ Producer par excellente

credit to:: Alison Gonsalves & team

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Rostear chollun tu vetana

when you walked by on the street

Dekhlem poilech pavtti tuka

saw you for the first time

Zap tuka korunk fuddem sortana

wanted to talk to you

Kallzant ghop ghop zata mhaka

my heart was beeating hard, thud, thud

Dolle amche mevle tednam

when i eyes met

Sonvsar tamblo so dislo

the world seemed to be frozen

Chintinastanam tujea nokreamnim

thoughtlessly in your fussing

Pisso mhaka kelo

I have gone crazy


3)Nanv tujem kitem go, sang mhaka

what's your name, tell me

Nanv tujem kitem go, sang mhaka

what's is your name, tell me?.

Na tor ossoch ullo kortam

Or else i will call you like this

3)Aye Cheddva

hey girl

Aye Cheddva

hey girl

Aye Cheddva

hey girl

Nanv tujem kitem go

what's your name

4 Dis, 8 voram, 25 minot

4 days, 8 hrs, 25 minutes

Sarleo pollelear tuka haven

have elapsed since i saw you

Punn tujem rup mhojea monant

but your vision in my mind

Khellta dis raat koshem?

why does it reflects?

Sopnant tu sodanch yeta mhojea

you always come in my dream

Zogill koshem

Kitem korum koddona

don't have any recourse

Lassun tuven udoilam

you kindled with fire

Khalliz mhojem

my heart




Ohhh ohhhh..


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