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Nach Bai Nach dance Cover GGS

Nach Bai Nach

Nach Bai Nach (dance lady dance) a very scenic dance

cover for hip song. well choreographed and with an appealing dress /costumes. Credit: Goan Glowing Stars

snippets of lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Goemkar ami nachpak hushar

Bend halon nachon sonvsarak Dakovia

We Goans are smart at dancing , sway your waist and lets show to the world

Bhurgim zanti nenti tornatim Konak lozonastana sogllim Nachuia

The young , the old, ,the teens , without any shyness lets all dance

Yo baye Nach nach nach

Come baby dance dance dance

Tuka zai toshem nachun dakoi Konakuch lozonastana

Whatever your wish , show it by dancing without being shy

Tuka zai tille bend haloi

Your wish show it by swaying your waist

............ english lyrics follow


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