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Mogachim Sopnam (love dreams)

Mogachim Sopnam (love dreams)

A gentle love song in times of courtship, a valentine Special, to draw the hearts together.

credit : Benz Ferns Production

Mogachim Sopnam cast : Benzer & Marilyn

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Niz mog kela tuzo

I love you truly

mogan hea kalzak pettla uzzo

love has kindled in my heart fire

tujia bogor ravunk nezo

without you I cannot live

sang tu mog korta mhun mhozo

let me know if you love me

chitnani bhorlo bhezo

My mind is filled with thoughts

Mog korta mhun tujo

that I love you

Mogachi Khobor amchim

this loves story of ours

Akkea ganvant gazo

let the whole town know

Mogachim fullam fultoch sobit dista rukh

when flowers bloom the trees look lovely

Poitoch tea rukak lagon atam bhuk

looking at the tree now I hunger

surya liplo zalo tho kalok

the sun is hiding and there is darkness

venghent dhovrun dittolo tuka sukh

holding you in my hearts I will give you happiness

soglem sukh tuka ditolom

all the happiness I will give you

kedinch divcho na dukh

I will never cause you pain

mogachea tin lettrani

Love's three letters

boroila mogacho book

is written our Love book

Chorus: 2)

sopneta tujia mogachi sopnam

I dream of love of you

tuje bogor jievunk zavchena

without you I cannot eat

rupp tuje poitam utta bostana

I see you visage while awake

tuka konachean chorunk zavchena

Nobody can steal you away

hanv hastana

when I am around

mogache pakt lavun

wearing loves wings

tujia sangatak vhariar uddtolom

together with you, we fly in the air

sepparad hanv zanvchona

I will not be separated

chitkun tuka ravtolom

soglem sukh hanv haddun

I will bring all the happiness

tujia paiamxi votoitolom

near your feet I will pour

tu Mhoji rani hanv raja tujo zatolom

You are my queen and I am your King

kalliz he mhojem bhetoila tuka

this heart of mine I will dedicate to you

tujia bhogor sonvsar dista naka

without you i do not want this world

eksuro tuven korxi tor mhaka

If you leave me alone

Pisso zatolo he visro naka

I will go mad, do not forget

vengent yo mhojia suka

Come in my arms my heaven

bosun ravchi eka mekak

we'll nestle together

davun mogachi veng mar

run and embrace me

fatti soro naka

do not feel awkward



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