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Mogachi Zhor (the Love Spring )

Mogachi Zhor

An adorable love song, falling in love in Fair England, the new home for Goans

far away from the backdrop of familiar exotic beaches, hills and rivers of their home land

But life and falling in Love, the wheel of life keeps turning. courtesy and credit to : Neil Frazier & Lourdes Dias

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.

Mogachi Zhor



Mog rigla kallzant bhitor

love has nestled in my heart Dhanvon yevun mhaka vengent dhor

come striding and hold me in your embrace Tujea mogak konuch zaina sor

your love cannot live without Mogache amruttan mhaka bhor

so bask me in your love


Tunch moji mogachi zhor

You are my love fount Pisso zatolom mhaka sodit tor

I will be crazy if you leave me Tum mhoji ranni hanv tuzo kunvor

you are my queen and i am your Prince Tuzo mog hanvem kela khor

I have loved your truly


You are my Honey, Moga

............................, Love Tuzo mog ghod-ghod lagta

your love taste sweet Fuddean mojea astana

when your before me Mhaka kainch naka dista

I do not need anything else


You are my Sweetheart, Moga

.................................., , Love Kalliz bhettounk kiteak lozta

why afraid to dedicate your heart Vengent mojea yo moga

come in my embrace Kiteak fattim sorta

why do you hesitate.


Mogachim sukknim zaun rauchim

we will remains as lovebirds Voir, Voir varear ami uddchim

fly high high in the air Hatak hath ghalun ami bhonvchim

hand in hand we will walk Doxim ami nhuim zauchim

we will never be apart.


Fullar sangatak ami kheuchim

We'll play among the flowerbeds Modhur gitam ami gauchim

we'll sing sweet songs Doriachem thondgar uddok nauchim

We'll bathe in cool sea water Eka mekachem sukh dukh vantchim

We'll share our joys and sorrows.


We are in love, Moga Amkam doxim korunk zauchinam

Nothing can break us apart We are made for each other, Moga Ami separad zauchinam

We'll never separate .


Mogan ami jietelim

We'll live in love Konnak vollon pouchinam

No one be able to demean it Toofan mollam upraslear

in the midst of storms and strife's Ami konnak bhiuchinam

we'll never be afraid.


Moro passun Jieuchim mogan

till we die We'll love each other Kednach rauchinam ragan

We'll never remain in anger Porva korchina upraslear dusman

We'll not care if we meet our enemies Sodanch bhonvchim ami ekvottan

We'll always walk in love


Doloitolom mogachea painean

we'll swing the cradle of love Mogachem ghor bandtolom sopnan

we'll dream to build a home of love Bhiyechona kallok kelear chondriman

Will not be afraid if Moon has darkened Dukh divchona dortolom sukhan

Will not cause you pain, will keep you in happiness.



Love is blind, Moga Mogan tujea hanv pisso zalam.

I am crazily in love with you


I need your love, Moga Tujea mogak hanv axelam

I ache for your love


Tuje vinn jienk zaina, Moga

Without you I cannot live Mojea noxiban tum mevlam

my Fate has found you Dhonvon mojea vengent yo Moga

come hurry in my arms, my love Tuji vatt poloun ravlam

I await your your presence.






Tuje vinn jienk zaina, Moga Mojea noxiban tum mevlam Dhonvon mojea vengent yo Moga Tuji vatt poloun ravlam

Moro passun Jieuchim mogan La la la la la Kednach rauchinam ragan Hum hum hum

Both: Porva korchinui upraslear dusman Sodanch bhonvchim ami ekvottan


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