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Mogachem tarum ( The Love Canoe)

Mogachem tarum

Mogachem tarum ( the love canoe) An invigorating adaption of this much loved Goan Song from the Film Amchem Noxib, with flute addition by our legendary, Remo Fernandes.Credit to producer /Vocalist : Chris Mendes grandson of Anthony Mendes.

lyrics with English translation for global Audience, vid will load in few secs.


Beshtem ragan chavon

with needless anger Kitiak vetai dhavon

why have you run away Tujea mogan poi voita hanv bhavon

i am starving for your love

Mogan zai te baie ghodta

In love there unexpected turns Kennai hasta kennai rodta

sometimes it laughs, sometimes it cries Pun te tuven hanven sozmoche podta

but you and me, we have to understand

Moga tum mojem sukh, moddtam mogacho rukh

My love , you are my haven, uproot the Love tree

Gopant astoch tum lagona maka bhuk

when you are in my embrace, I have no hunger

Hacho mog kelolo porum, danvta koxem haka dorum

I have loved her and she flees, how to hold on to her

Dorian loton voita, mogachem tarum

with the waves , the love canoe floats away

Chorus Paineant dholoitam mhunon beshte mhutlem

Mog sozmona poiat he ragan fullem

she misunderstood, and was overcome with anger Dubav lagta he konaikunn punn bhullem

in doubts she was fooled by someone He mhaka foton foton kaliz tuton haat dakhon chollem

she lies lies my heart she stole, showing her hands

Remo La la la la la la la la..............

Moga zalle te zanv mozo godacho panv

my love lets forget the past Mhaka sodshi tor jiv ditolo hanv

if you leave me, I will give up my life Maka buloilolo forsan, mog zalolo gelea marsan

Azun pollunk nam mogachi goddsan

till now I have not seen the fruits of love

Ch Mog tuzo asa mhunon dhavon yeta

because i love you m I come running to you Zale te zale sogle visor atam

lets leave the past behind Tuji khoshi mhunn soglem sosun ghetam

for your wish, I will suffer anything Pun tuka fudarachi rani korun raza hanv zata

I want to make you my wife and I wanna be a king

Remo La la la la la la la la..............


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