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Mog zala mhaka (I am in love)

Mog zala mhaka

Mog Zala Mhaka ( I am in love) The song for the new era, fast paced energetic with rap overtones

the songs/ dances sequences are popular with the millennials, credit to new set of Pioneers : Alison Gonsalves and his team, lyrics and English translation, vid will load in few secs


Waking grunt, this is my boy Alison

ye Goenkara,mogan

kedna podla re ?

hello Goans, have you fallen in love?

Kitlem sobit Moga tu mhaka dista

how beautiful you look to me

Kallzant mhojea sodanch uzo petoita

you always the fire in me

Tu Itle mhaka tu kiteak sotaita

why do you scold me

Mog mhozo korunk fatim kiteak sorta

why do you hold back from loving.



Mog Mog Mog Mog, Mog mog mog zala mhaka

love, lvoe , love , love, I am in love

Mog Mog Mog, Mog Mog Mog zala mhaka

Dhorun tuka gopan mhojea Dis ani rat Hanv axeta

to hold you in my arms i ache day and night

Pixea bhaxen soglle sodun tu veta thoi Hanv pavta

like a mad man i follow you wherever you go

Mog….. Mog Mog Mog zala mhaka

love, love, love, love , I am in love

Mog Mog Mog, Mog Mog Mog zala mhaka

Sobit dolleant tujea Hanv samkoch sanddtam

In your beautiful eyes, I lose myself

Ulounk zaitech asa punn jibuch dhorta

I want to speak but get tongue tied

Tujea ekuch hansant mhaka xell gam sunt'ta

with your just one laugh, i break into sweat

Pivunk soro naka Tujea moganuch tight zatam

I don't need SORO but in your love I am drunk


(Rap )

Tujea mogacho sogllo sodun zala mhaka rog

for your love , I have left everything

Tujea Mogan dis rat kallzank pettla mhojea fogg

your love has lighted in my heart fire day and night

Dis raat Hanv tukach sopnant go polletam

day and night I see you in my dreams

Tujea Nanvan mhaka mazea soglle frienduch challoitat

with your name my freinds tease me

Mog zala mhaka ata kashe sangu tuka

in love with you, how can i tell you.

Dis rat hanv axeta pixea bhaxen hanv jiyeta

Tuka lagun hanv ravta tu aham thoi hanv pavta

for your sake I remain, where you are I reach

Kiteak mog mog mog mog, mog zala mhaka

because love, love, love , i am in love

Tu itlem mhaka kiteak sotaita

Mog mhozo korunk kiteak fatti sortai


Mog zala mhaka


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