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Mog Mazo (My Love)

Mog Mazo

The New genre of Goan Konkani Songs, to a lively and energetic beat pristine location and lovely damsels

the accent differs and melodious too of Our Goan Hindu brethren. Credit Amod Mardolkar

Konkani lyrics and English translation, vid will load in few secs.



2)Mog mazo fakta tuch tu…

My love is just for you

Tuzya vine mhaka sukha laaganaa …..

Without you, I have no peace

Paita thai Fakta tuch tu….

Everywhere I look I just see you

Tuzya shivay mhaka konuch disaanaa…

Besides you and I do not see anyone else..

Dis aani raat tuzech chitta,

Day and night I think of you

Roop manani aalta .

Your vision flickers

Divoon tuka, ho mazo Mog , kaaliz moze faafshetaa….

To give my love, my heart aches for you

Mog Mazo fakta tuch tu…..

My love is just for you

Tu melyaar aani kaaich naka, fokot tu jai mhaka, mozya gopan .

If I have you, I need nothing else, Just you I Need in my arms

Sopnaatli Pari tu mazi,

you are my dream girl

Aasha jinechi, yo kaaljaaannn….




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