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Mhojea Devak argam (my gratitude, Lord)

Mhojea Devak argam

Mhojea Devak argam, a sacred hymn sung with reverence and devotion by Valerie Fernandes

Produced & Directed by Andrew Ferrao

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


CH: Mhojea Devak

Argam hanv detollem

My God I will always offer my praises

Tachaem nhanv,Sodanch vakhantholeim

Your name I will always honor

Mhojea devak Argam hanv ditholem'

My God I will offer my praises

Tachim denheim kednanch visorchenam

His blessing I will never forget

Tho bhogxitha soglim tujhi patkam

He forgives all our sins

Tho pidenthlo tuka boro kortha

He heals you from your sickness

Tho mornanthlo tuka sodvonn ditha

He saves from your death

Tho kakluthin mogan tuka bhortha

In His mercy he fills you with love

Jithlem mollob sounsara voir asam

As high as the clouds from earth

Thithle thir-ghott, thacho mog amche thain

So will be our love remain for him.

Jithli udenth osthomthek pois asa

As far is the East is from the West

Thithlim pois dev amchim pathka fenktha

So far will our sins be cast away.


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