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Mhoje Pattlian ieiat (Come Follow me)

Mhoje Pattlian Ieiat

Mhoje Pattlian Ieiat (Come follow me) a fervent Konkani hymn to follow Our Lord, renouncing the world. and its glitter. with a backdrop of angelic dance choreography

Credit : Fr. George Dias and his team.

snippets of lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Soimbhank bori kobor divunk

to proclaim the good news to the world

koidank sutkai porgottun

to set the prisoners free

tanne mhaka obhixek kella

He has consecrated me as a priest

gavun uzvadd addunne

to be the light to the village

pattlav tuzo dhortant Somia

We follow you Our Savior

jivit tuka dittam Dhonia

We give our lives to our Lord


Somazan ghorbaien ghovia tuka

we bear witness to the world

naka maka podvi podvi .... 3

we do not seek fame

tuzoch patlav kortanv

We'll follow you alone

Orombhank sonvsar rochello

In the beginning He created the world

munnshek dhonni punne divunk

He made Man the master of his creations

samball korunk tumka apoita 3

to care for it, he calls you

srixtti hatant gallun

zaddan peddan dellim amka

He gave us the trees and the fauna

sagor udikk xettan bhattan

the ocean, the waters fields and land

.... tumka divunk vettan dhonia


naka maka poiso poiso...............3

I do not want money

dhiliar zavo sobit oh ghanv mhojo

Give me just my beautiful village

patlav kortanv tuzo

We'll follow you alone.


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