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Mhaka kiteak podla (why should I care?)

Mhaka kiteak podla

Mhaka Kiteak podla (Why should I care) A lively rhythmic song, that implies our inherent passivity with regards to social issues pertaining to our Land and drum up some measure of activism. will it help?.

credit: Fritz Love & his team

snippets of lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


tempecher zallim barra re, Goenkar niddun assa re

the time is almost twelve and Goan is still sleeping

Utoliar muntha maka kiteak podla re

If you wake him up, he says, why should I care

Sezarchea ghora uzzo lagle re pallounk bhar sorr re

Our neighbor's house is on fire, to douse it come outside

maka kiteak podlam, lassun khabar zaunk re

why should I care, let it burn down

Goaent hatat kudso gallunk Goeant uzzo

Goa they bring the spark, to set Goa on fire

goaant lassun khabr zatokoch goenkar fugdi gatholo

 After Goa is burnt down, Goans will dance the fugdi

goenkarak mevlai puro, duddu ani soro

Goans are satisfied with money and booze

battan bhassen vikunk diun ready Goenkar zalla leunto

Fields and properties he is ready to sell, Goans have become greedy


Goem lutton chorun khabar kor, mhaka kiteak podlam

let Goa be looted and robbed, why should I care

Goenkar sussegad niddun ravai re amka kiteak podlam

Goans will contended with sleep, why should we care

.. amche Goem zattalem kaiem maka kiteak podlam

 Our Goa will turn black with coal dust, why should I care

bhurgim doensa mortalim re, amka kiteak podlam

the kids will die of sickness, why should we care

Probleam tem Vasco karachem, amka kiteak podlam tem

the problem is of Vascoites, why should I care

chintop re amche Niz Goeankareachem

this is our thinking of True Goans

Sarkar lollipop dhakoita, Bhurgim khosi ami bulloitaum

the govt offers the lollipop, like kids we get fooled

Bhitolean sogglo gholl mall korta

And behind the curtain it does scams

Goenkar ami Goenkara gulam zaine naka

Goans Oh Goans do not become slaves

Sarkarechem aikon fotoi zaine naka

Do not fooled by Govt promises

Goenkara re Goenkara moron haddi naka

Goans oh Goans do not bring our death

Bhurgeanchem xirap kedanch gevun naka

Do not suffer Children's curses


Goenkara oh mhojea Goenkara maka kiteak poddlam

Goans Oh my Goans Why should I care

oh amcho zohbab zalla, attanh utt niddinttlo

Oh this has become our answer, now wake up from sleep

Bodol zabab tuzo chintum poi falleancho

Change you answer, think of tomorrow

fudar tujea bhugeancho aiz than poi maka podllam

think of children's future, from now on yes it is my concern

Goem lutttun chorun divecho na re, voi maka podlam

I will not allow Goa to be looted and cheated

Goenkar sussegad anta ravcho na voi maka podlam

Goans will not remain contented, yes it is my concern

.. Goeam kaen zaun kedinch divchona

  I will not allow Goa to be black with coal

bhurgeancho boro fuddar zauncho munnhe voi maka podllam

The children's future be bright , yes its my conc


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