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Meera Meera

Meera Meera

Meera Meera, had promised him a date on thursday at Mapusa market and she never showed up, while he waited for twelve hours!!! and yet he sings for her ... Meera Meera

Meera Meera Singer Aurville, Heritage Of Goa, Credit Niz Goenkar



Meera, Meera, O mhojea Meera !

Meera , Meera, Oh my Love Meera

Meera, Meera, O mhojea Meera !

Meuta mhunn sanglelem Mapxiam sukrarak

you told me we'll meet in Mapusa on thursday

Atam voram zaun ghelim gho bara

Now its past twelve hours

khuim pavlem ? O mhojea Meera !

where have you reached? Oh my Meera


Tambdea korachem neslelem

you wore a red dress

eklench khuxik tum boslelem

you were sitting alone in the corner

Kuch korun mhaka tum haslelem

spontaneously You smiled at me

Tedna kalliz mhojem mogan tujea laslelem

form then my heart is inflamed in love with you




Nustem farovta khuim tansak

like the fish you catch with the bait

Lagtoch ghoreachea ghansak

Hanvui Ponje ghellolom dansak

I had gone to Panjim for a dance

Thuim farovlom mogachea fansak

there I was caught in love bait.


I love you

oh meera

I will wait for you

oo.ho meera

I will wait for you

woo.ho meera

I will wait for you

ooo.oo meera


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