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Love Medley- Mog Sasnacho/ You're still the One....

Medley- Mog Sasnacho

A delightful love medley of 3 songs merged in One- Mog Sasnacho by Alison Gonsalves & Ancy Gonsalves /You're still the one by Shania Twain /Ravya Sangathan by Maven Fernandes. Melodious voice of Mandira Dessai she sounds better than Shania(ha) and Sterry Colaco.

Credit to : Sterry Colaco


Kallzan hea mog to asa rigonn

In my heart this love had nestled

Chintnan tujea monnant bhandla ek ghor

thoughts of you, I have built a home

Anjea sarkem sobit rup tujem

just like an angel, beautiful is your sight

Uchamboll korta kalliz monn mhojem

excites my heart and my mind

Kallzant mhojea tujea khatir

in my heart for your sake

Mog kednach zaumcho-nam unno

Love will never grow dim

Sogllo sonvsar sorom yeta

you can leave the world behind

Mog amcho sorom nezo

but our love we cannot leave behind

Kedem-i vodlem ailear moll

however big the storm

Soddcho na tuka he motin dhor

I Will not leave you, bear in mind

Sangat amcho sasnnacho

our bond is for eternity

Kuxealkaien jivit sarpacho

In happiness we'll spend our lives

Ain't nothing better

We beat the odds together

I'm glad we didn't listen

Look at what we would be missing

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"

But just look at us holding on

We're still together, still going strong

O Mhojea Moga, Ravya Sangatan

Oh my love, lets leave together

O mhojea Moga, Hatt Ghalun hattant

Oh my love hand in hand

Gavu-ia Nachu-ia Don Disachea Sonvsaran

the songs and dances in this world for few days

Sangat di Moga, sukhan Dukhan

give your company in joy and sorrows

(You're still the one)

You're still the one I run to

The one that I belong to

You're still the one I want for life

(You're still the one)

You're still the one that I love

The only one I dream of

You're still the one I kiss goodnight

You're still the one

I'm so glad we made it

Look how far we've come my baby


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