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Maie kaklutin ge Bhorlole

Maie kaklutin ge  Bhorlole

Maie kaklutin ge Bhorlole, A hymn to our Blessed Mother sung with love and devotion by Alcoque Morenas

courtesy: Andrew Ferrao

hymn lyric with translation, vid will load in few secs


Maie kaklutin Ge Bhorlole

Oh Mother full of mercy

Ranie tuem sorghar sounsarache

Queen of Heaven and earth

Sodanch amchea mogan lastole

Inflamed with love for us

Sadduem nakha Maie mogache

Do not leave us Oh Loving Mother

CH :Pau Maie, Yeo Maie

Reach us Oh Mother, Come Oh Mother

Ghe amkaem tujea ghopant

Hold us in your embrace

Tujhem vizmit maie oronaheant

Your splendour , Oh Mother in solitude

Dislem gorib gorvar raknneank

Was visible to the poor shepherds

Uloili tum vhodda khotkotean

Your words struck them with amazement

Sounsar por corddta tujea disnneak

The world admires you gentle ways

Kor maie tuem amche churchure

Please have pity on us Oh Mother

Bhagoie amchea kallzache aundde

Quench our hearts deepest longings

Pois kor amchim vignaem mirmire

Keep far from us temptations and pain

Tankeam xinkoi sorginche paundde

Teach us to climb the path to heaven

Christaum gorbarache tuem askarim

You are the protector of Christian families

Sukhan dukhan tuem sangatiem

A companions in time of joys and sorrows

Sonvsarant tujer amcho viswas

In this world we've hope(trust) in you

Sasnak ghe tukha amcho dhinvas

Please receive our eternal gratitude


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