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Maie Kaklutin Ge Bhorlole

Maie Kaklutin Ge Bhorlole

Maie Kaklutin Ge Bhorlole, A beautiful hymn dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Full of Mercy and compassion, reach us in our hour of need a picturesque background too.

credit Sheena Gracias , vid will load in few secs.



Pau Maie ,pav maie Yeo Maie

yea Maie

Reach us, Blessed Mother, Come Blessed Mother

Ghe amka tujea gopanth

Hold us in Your embrace

Maie Maie Kaklutin ge Bhorlole

Blessed Mother……. Full of Compassion

Rani Ye Sorgar ani Saunsaranche

Queen of Heaven and of Our Earth

Soddanche amche Mogan lastole

Always inflamed with love for us

Saddunaka Maie Mogache

Do not lose sight of us.



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