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Legend Of Goa

By Jacob Viccher

There was a city, glorious and free Built on the shore of the dark blue sea, Where towers and spires of gilded hue, Shone over the waves of the ocean blue, And palace and cottage smiling told, How fair was the city in days of old! Far, far above was the glowing sky where the sun shone bright o'er the turrets high,

While the cocoa shade and the graceful palm Hung o'er the waters so lovely and calm, Thick and numberless, side by side, drinking the streams of the onward tide. But now, from that spot where the glad sun shone, that glorious city of palms is gone, Gone with its pride and people so brave, Whelmed by the tide of the salt sea Wave! Yes! there below the surging deep Fair Goa's sunken towers sleep, All, All that once was glad and bright, reposing there in ceaseless night !


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