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Kurpebhorit Saibinni (Our Lady full of Grace)

Kurpebhorit Saibinni

Kurpebhorit Saibinni A Goan Konkani Hymn to Our Blessed Mother full of Grace, the protector of our village, town and our homeland. Sung with ardent devotion with Credit to :Swizel Meva

lyrics with english translation, vid will load in few secs



(amchea ganvchi askarinn tum)

(You are the protector of our home-country)

soglleank amkam dov´r samballun.

keep us all safe.


Besanv ghal gê dor ghorabear,

Bless all our homes,

sonkoxttantlim sodanch nivar.

always save us from harm.


Amche Kurpebhorit Saibinni!

Our Lady full of grace

amim tujim oskot bhurgim,

we are your weak children,

ghottai di gê, Maiê, amkam,

give us strength, Oh Mother,

tujea dhiran samball sodam.

always protect us in Your strength.

Kallkê jinnent ami sanddlear

We are lost in the dark paths of life,

dakhoi amkam tuzo uzvadd,

shine your light on us,

patka-tallnnent ami poddlear

if we succumb to sinful temptation,

tujea hatan amkam ubar. \

lift us with Your hands



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